Saturday, May 4, 2013

When we do something bad to ourself  and people around us, do we realize it ? 
When people keep reminding us what is good to do and what is not good to do, what is halal thing and what is haram thing, do we listen to them ?
When we are in trouble, who do you rely on ? Him or him ?


Whatever situation or condition that we face, we must rely on Him, Allah. Sometimes when something happen, you just can't explain why it has happened, right ? It just unexpected and unpredictable. But you have to understand that life is like a puzzle. You might not see all the pieces but indeed He knows the bigger picture and will give you one piece at a time. Trust Allah and always believe on Him. Just pray, pray and pray to him and ask Him whatever that you want. He will gives to you oneday in the right time insya Allah. 
Du'a, zikir, follow the sunnah and stay connect to quran. From these, we can get close to Him. 
Indeed, He looks at our heart and our deeds ! All the best to all :)

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